STIRRING; Your Passions Can Be Divine

And the Spirit of the LORD began to stir him… – Judges 13:25

Following the events that preceded his birth, the real drama of strength and conquest in Sampson’s life was yet to begin. But before, something happened to him. The Spirit of God was stirring him up. He was being stirred up in preparation for why God created him – to be a judge, to fight for Israel. That is, the Spirit was stirring his interests, desires and will towards his purpose.

There’s something that stirs every young person up. That is what the Holy Spirit does. This stirring makes you worry and wonder how you can help. You become so passionate about something that you wish things were left in your hands to solve that particular problem.

It happened to Moses when he started to feel the passion to help the Israelites in Egypt, which landed him in a fight. Paul, after his conversion, became passionate to preach. Even little Jesus, when he sat in the Temple enjoying conversations with Bible scholars.

There’s this thing you are passionate about. You feel like you have to do it before you die. It is the spirit of God stirring you up, like Samson. But the challenge is, how do you handle it? You have to understand your passions and embrace them. Accept them as assignments God has given you; the due time for submission is the next time you see Him.

In as much as you really want to execute it, tame it for a while: there is time for everything. The taming period will buy you time to prepare adequately to execute your passions; to develop the necessary skills and abilities. That period can be school, reading/research or mentorship. You have to go through a process.

Moses had to tame his passion to save Israel for another forty years after his fight because he couldn’t tame his stirrings. Paul had to be mentored for some years before he started his ministry, and it took Jesus 30 years to begin His Kingdom and Salvation ‘agenda’.

After you prepare, fan into flame the gifts and abilities God has given you, coupled with the knowledge and abilities you’ve acquired. That is to say, you now need to mature in your passions through constant practice, no matter how insignificant the opportunity may seem.

What stirs you will make you anxious. You will be troubled by it. It’s going to place demands on you. However, don’t rush it, seek counsel, acquire to needful and set out to fulfil the purpose of your stirrings/passions.

Don’t be discouraged by the instabilities you encounter; instability is part of growth. There’s a stirring within you. Your stirring provides the bearing!

May the Lord mend our nets!

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