REMEMBRANCE: One Good Turn Deserves Another

Being able to recollect something from one’s memory is what remembrance simply is. As simple as it may seem, you would bear witness that it’s not something that comes as easy as we wished. It hurts to thoroughly study for an exam and yet find it difficult on the exam day, to remember what you know you had learnt. In that moment, you’d feel your brain has failed you. What about the feeling you get when you meet someone you have ever helped but he/she seems to not remember who you are? I guess you’d be disappointed. The most painful one, I guess, is when you need help from someone but his willingness to help you hinges on whether he remembers you or not. That is how powerful remembrance can be. It can open or close doors in your life, and the life (that of) of others.

The Butler and the Baker

In Genesis 40, Joseph, son of Jacob, found himself in prison with two servants of Pharaoh – a butler and a baker. Joseph interpreted their dreams, and pleaded with the butler to speak to Pharaoh about his (Joseph) innocence when he’s freed. True to Joseph’s interpretation, the butler was restored to his former position in Pharaoh’s palace but the baker was killed.

The baker had access to Pharaoh almost any time in the day but for two years, he never mentioned Joseph to Pharaoh. I can imagine the disappointment Joseph might have felt for not being remembered. His freedom depended on someone’s ability to remember – pause and think about that!

He was only remembered after two years when Pharaoh had had a dream. So for two years, Joseph had been waiting and praying to be remembered. The butler’s eventual remembrance changed Joseph’s life and name in history. May someone remember you today in Jesus’ name!

Mordecai’s Honor

Mordecai blew the whistle on two men who plotted against King Ahasuerus in Esther chapter 6. A few years had gone by without anyone showing gratitude to what he had done. One night, the King felt uneasy and couldn’t sleep. I expected him to call singers to sing him a lullaby, but he rather called for the Book of Records. While reading, he found that Mordecai had done some time past and remembered his (Mordecai) good deed. He remembered what Mordecai had done by honouring him in a way no man had ever experienced in the Kingdom. I use this to encourage you to keep doing the good things you do (Galatians 6:9). One day you’ll be remembered and your life will change.

In the same vein, do you need to remember someone’s good deeds to you? In as much as I pray and hope that you are remembered, I beckon you to remember those who deserve your remembrance. Thus, those who have been good to you, those who need your help, and others you need to help. Remember them and be a blessing to them.

Mephibosheth would have been neglected in society if David had not decided to remember what his good friend, Jonathan, had done for him. Remembrance is unto good deed. The proof of your gratefulness lies in the substance of your remembrance!

May the Lord mend our nets!

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