Power Of God: The Man Who Said God Can’t Stop Him From Being President

We’d be talking about the history of a Politician, Tancredo Neves, who made a serious statement that cost his life.

Tancredo Neves

Tancredo Neves is the Politician who said God can’t stop him from being President. To the surprise of his family, citizens, and the world, he died shortly after he was announced the winner of the Presidential election.

Tancredo Neves is a popular Brazilian politician who had the opportunity to run for President in the 1950s. Normally, you’d have to campaign before winning, assuming you’re destined to win.

So, amid one of Tancredo’s campaigns, he made an unclear statement. By unclear, I mean that he spoke unfavourably about the all-powerful God. H said, “If I get 500,000 votes from my party, not even God can remove me from the presidency,” he claimed.

Rightly so, he received the votes that won him the presidency, but guess what happened? He passed away. Tancredo Neves began complaining of gastrointestinal discomfort a day before his inauguration. The agony was so intense that he died as a result of it. Neves didn’t get to become the President.

Did he die as a result of his ‘careless’ utterances? That’s what most people believe. I won’t differ though. Your utterances can favour or harm you. There is a Man who rules the whole universe in power and might – God. He makes and unmakes people. Do you remember what the Captain of the Titanic Ship said about the Ship? Nebuchadnezzar had his own bitter experiences for his pride and contempt of God’s power over him.

The point I am driving at is, you can’t unrepentantly make a mockery of God’s power and sovereignty and go scot-free. He has a way of proving to the universe that He still has control over the affairs of men. Don’t make a mockery of God; He owns you!

May the Lord mend our nets!

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