FILTERS; craving for social acceptance

I decided to title this article ‘’Filters’’ because I believe anyone who has used Snapchat or any other social media application knows what filters are used for and why they are used. For those who don’t know; they basically make the photos and videos we post look ‘good’ for social acceptance. In actual fact, some filters we use make our media files look unreal, all for the likes and the positive comments of people who interact with it. People you may not know personally now have a say in how you look. We all do these for social acceptance. 

It doesn’t only happen in the social media space. It happens in other social settings. Buying things, fashion styles, hopping on trends, just to please social onlookers and ‘opinion masters’. I dare say that most of the things you wish to have, the screenshot items on your phone, and wish lists have been greatly influenced by what the society thinks you want. Because we can’t afford most of the things or lifestyles presented to us, we tend to fake it. 

Similar situation happened in the Bible with Ananias and his wife (Acts 5:1-11). Because so many people sold their land and donated the money to help the poor and needy in the church, Ananias and Sapphira admired the social acceptance the donors enjoyed so they also decided to hop on the ‘trend’. They sold the land and kept part of the money and dishonestly claimed that’s the whole money for the land when they donated to the church. Wanting to look good in their social space, they rather ended up dead because they lied. They used ‘filters’ of lies and dishonesty to crave social attention and admiration of the church.

Because you want to be admired and praised you’re planning to buy something or live a life you can’t afford or sustain. If you cannot do it comfortably or genuinely, then you cannot do it at all; drop it! It’s not worth the perceived social acceptance. The same people who praise you when you fake it will criticise  you when you fail. 

 The pressure is real, but remain resilient enough to care less. Keep working hard and working on yourself.  When the time is right you won’t need filters!

May the Lord mend our nets!

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