HELPING GOD; Is it really a thing to do?

Helping God; as simple and loyal as it sounds may not be as it seems. I am going to try and explain what it means to help God. Our prayers are usually filled with requests and hope that they will come to pass. We are sometimes tempted to ‘facilitate’ the outcomes of our prayers ourselves with the popular adage, ‘Heaven helps those who help themselves’.

Abraham’s Help

Abraham was promised by God that his descendants would be as the sand on the seashore (Genesis 22:7). How was that possible when he had no child? That was probably the same question he asked himself, even though he believed it would happen. Years went by and it seemed the promise had been kept too long. Sarah, knowing she had passed the fertility age and Abraham, as good as dead (Romans 4:19), with good intentions, wanted to help in bringing God’s plan into existence.

So in Genesis 16, Sarah asked her husband to have sexual relations with their maidservant, Hagar. Abraham, considered and agreed to it. Hagar gave birth to a son – Ishmael. It seemed God’s promise would now come to pass because Abraham has a son but that was not God’s plan. His intention was to have the promised child come from the union between Abraham and Sarah. Hagar and Ishmael now seemed like destruction so God asked Abraham to send them away. Unfortunately, the historical trajectory of Ishmael’s descendants has not been favourable to most parts of the world because humans (Sarah and Abraham) tried to ‘help’ God in executing His own plans.

The Sovereign God has his master that plan no one can fully understand. You can’t help Him execute a plan you don’t know anything about. Don’t try to manoeuvre your way through things with the intent that you are implementing God’s plan in your life. You may end up frustrating your life and those concerned if you do not act according to His will. You need to discern very well to follow through with God’s plan for your life.

Reaching out to Help

Uzzah’s story is quite sad. In 2 Samuel chapter 6, David decided to relocate the Lord’s Ark of Covenant. On the day it was being relocated, the Ark was on a Colt. While on the move, it tilted a little as though it was falling so Uzzah reached out to it, to prevent it from falling. Upon reaching to touch the Ark, God struck him dead beside Ark. This may sound cruel but there were rules of engagement on how the Ark was supposed to be handled. Only priests were supposed to handle/touch it. This rule was known by all well-meaning Jews. Uzzah, trying to ‘help’ save God’s Ark of Covenant from falling, flouted a holy rule.

If it is about God’s plans and purposes, or what He alone should do, you cannot help Him. He is an all-sufficient God. Do not go against a holy rule or principle in the name of ‘helping’ someone or saving a situation or helping yourself.

Some things are cast in stone, you cannot change them. You can’t help God!

May the Lord mend our nets!

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