Serendipity; The manipulation of the finger of God.

Serendipity, as a word may sound unfamiliar and quite difficult to pronounce, but it happens to be one of my favorite words. After reading this article, I hope it becomes one of yours too.

Serendipity is the phenomenon of finding valuable outcomes not sought for. You can say it is the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Simply put, it is the situation where you chance on an agreeable result you least expected.  For instance, on a day you are broke and in dire need of money to sustain you for just a day, you search your trouser’s back pocket and find money enough to sustain you for a week. Imagine the relief!

In the Bible, there are tons of serendipitous moments we can glean inspiration from; they show that our God is God of serendipity.

God meant it unto good

Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt where he went through so many predicaments. However, when his brothers and slave master expected him to be a slave for the rest of his life, he rather became a lifesaving official in a foreign land.  Later in his life, he brought his brothers to stay with him in Egypt, where they prospered. 

The serendipity in this story is that no one expected Joseph to be as prominent as he became in Egypt when he was sold. I’m sure he did not anticipate it, but that’s where the serendipitous God comes in. He tames the tempestuous tides to favor your sail.  Never think being in an undesirable place ends your life’s dreams. You have not seen the full picture – the God of serendipity has.

The Giant Slayer (1 Samuel 17)

David, a Shepherd, even though anointed by Samuel to be King, never knew facing Goliath and killing him would lead to recognition, fame and later having the throne of Israel. He was only responding to his passionate reverence for God, and the stirrings within him. David didn’t know that the outcome of his victory against Goliath and the Philistines would dramatically change his life. 

The God of serendipity can stir you up unto something. You may not know where it may lead you but since He’s a serendipitous God, you will definitely arrive at a desirable outcome. Keep responding to your stirrings.

Persecuted & Scattered

After Jesus resurrected from death, he commanded His disciples to preach and make disciples everywhere. However, the focus of this ‘new faith’ was in Jerusalem. All the Apostles, and the disciples they made were in Jerusalem, until there came a dramatic twist to the tale. After the murder of Stephen, the wave of persecutions drove most of the believers out of Jerusalem. They sought refuge in other cities. So “they that were scattered abroad went everywhere preaching the word” (Acts 8:4). 

This is how the Gospel started spreading – through persecutions. It’d be uncomfortable to leave but the desirable outcome is that the Gospel message was delivered everywhere as Jesus commanded. Just like Joseph, this story of the early Christians teaches us that not every ejection is a rejection. Mostly, it is when you’re moved from your comfort zone that the desired unexpected happens, and then your blessings spread wide. So the centrality of God’s serendipity is in the entity of His sovereignty.

Serendipity will teach you that you can’t control everything in your life, neither will you be able to determine the outcomes of all your expectations. Some outcomes will surprise you because the finger of God is able to manipulate situations in your favor. When the builder rejected the stone, he didn’t know it would become the chief corner stone. He’s the God of Serendipity! 

May the Lord mend our nets!                                                                                                                         

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