Pressure of the people

Growing up, we encountered and succumbed to many pressures. I remember I had to pester my Father to buy me a type of shoe (amidst the many I had) because some of my friends wore them to school. You can relate to this.

I believe most things we desire emanate from the suggestive pressures exerted on us by our social settings and circles. It’s either your peers or some adverts on TV or on your timeline that suggest you need to need it. These are some of the social pressures which I wish to talk about here on mend my net. I will add biblical perspectives to it. Pressure of the people.

Pressure, in a social sense, is defined by the APA as “the exertion of influence on a person or group by another person or group”. So pressure of the people (social pressure) comes from the people.

Pressure from the People

In Exodus 32, Moses was on Mount Sinai receiving the Ten Commandments from God. The Israelites became impatient and asked Aaron to make them a god to worship. In the absence of the one who led them to God, they wanted to fill the spiritual gap at all costs. That’s what is happening these days. People with problems desperately seek help from sources other than God.

Aaron, as their leader then, succumbed to the pressures of the Israelites and made a golden calf to worship. The people succeeded in putting so much pressure on their leader to do their bid, the wrong bid. They later had to suffer the consequences, and Moses later came to intervene for them. This makes me believe that the masses are not always right.

As a leader, you must know what is the right decision to make, even amidst the numerous suggestions and opinions of people. We you do not resolve to do the right thing, your followers will always dictate to you. Leaders must learn to withstand the pressure of the people to make good and right decisions.

Pressure of Fear

Also, Peter’s denial of knowing Jesus in Matthew 26, when Jesus was arrested is one classical example of one who succumbed to the fear of being victimised. Peter denied knowing Jesus three times because he was afraid of being arrested himself. He succumbed to the pressure of fear and denied his association with Jesus.

Victimisation is one thing being hedonic beings, we try as much as possible to avoid it. However, in times when we need to champion a good course or advocate for something that will better our lives and others, we should remain courageous to withstand the obstacles.

Those who have fought for most of the rights and freedoms we enjoy knew victimisation was an effect of their good course. They howbeit remained resilient to the good course until its fruition.

I am happy Peter later became a man who spoke with boldness, about Jesus Christ. It also calls for strength and a sense of direction from God, to be able to withstand the pressure of fear. Pray for it!

Pressure of Needs

King Saul’s Impatience – In 1 Samuel 13, King Saul was waiting for Samuel to arrive so he could offer a sacrifice to God before going into battle. However, when Samuel was delayed, Saul succumbed to the pressure of his army and offered the sacrifice himself, which was against God’s commands. This decision later cost him his throne.

I believe our generation is a little impatient. When we identify something we need/want, we go to all lengths to get it, leaving us with poor and rushed decisions that later haunt us in life. Ladies, because they wanted money to satisfy a certain lifestyle have gotten involved with men who later got them into health and social troubles.

In addition, Promising gentlemen, being impatient with wealth creation had joined bad companies to amass wealth for themselves that they do not have their lives in their control any longer.

Pressure – Jonathan Mcreynolds

Pressure of Power

Lastly, Simon the Sorcerer in Acts 8, saw the apostles performing miracles and wanted to buy the power to do so. The apostles, knowing the power of God not being sold and knowing Simon’s intentions rebuked him.

Being popularly known to be a powerful person, he succumbed to the pressure of wanting to be seen as more powerful and influential with the power of God he had identified in the apostles.

They say after riches, come power. It is also said by Lord Acton, “all power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Your quest for power and authority must be guided by the morality of humility and godliness.

When you allow the pressure of your power and influence on people to take over your soul, you may go every mile to maintain or get more. That’s where your doom begins.

May the Lord mend our net!

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