MORDECAI: Service, Honesty, Elevation

The book of Esther presents four main characters worth discussing; King Xerxes, Haman, Esther and Mordecai. In this article I set out to reveal nuggets about one of the least discussed – Mordecai. Being the cousin and the one who raised Queen Esther, he still had what I call the spirit of intentional service; you will later understand why.

There were quite a number of opportunities that Mordecai could have capitalized upon to effect his own elevation. His cousin was the queen, but he was a gatekeeper at the citadel of Susa (the king’s palace), he had the opportunity to ride the king’s horse and wore the king’s robe. These two reasons alone were enough for him to exalt himself above his comrades but this man remained at the gate, to serve. For me, I realized that Mordecai simply understood what he was doing and how he could be entrenched upon his elevated position when the right time comes, unlike Haman whose life ended suddenly. Mordecai understood what I have classified as the three stages of elevation. These are the knowing stage, the foretasting stage, and the citadel stage. I will use Mordecai’s case to explain these stages.

The knowing stage is when you know that what the Lord has in stock for you is great, even though you have not gotten there yet. It begins to dawn on you how you could use the people you know , what you have, your faith, and your abilities to get to where the Lord has prepared for you; it may be a position, a job, or a greater life changing opportunity . Mordecai’s knowing stage was when his cousin, Esther became the Queen, as a gatekeeper, the first thought he could have nurtured was to make Esther move him to a higher position, yet, he remained at the gates. It was remaining at the gate and still serving that made him solicit vital information that took him to the next stage of his elevation , and unto the liberation of his people (Esther 2:21). When you take knowledge of what the lord wants to do with your life, don’t leave your place of service. Remain and serve, gather information, seek to know what the lord wants you to do (Ephesians 5:17). As you do this, remain at the gate – Serve!

The foretasting stage which I also call the Riding in Robe Stage is when you have a taste or a feel or an experience on how your elevation would feel or look like. One unfortunate thing about this stage is that its appearance is like your elevation. You would experience how it feels to get to where you set out to be (whether short or long term) and you would be very glad for the experience, but that is not your elevation, it was just a foretaste. Perhaps the lord wants you to experience it to keep your faith and hard work. Some may or may not experience this stage. When this happens to you, remember your position of service and go back. Mordecai was honoured for being a whistleblower against a conspiracy to kill the king. He gathered such information when he was at the gate – when he was serving. As a result, he was remembered and honoured. He wore the king’s robe and rode his horse throughout the city. People knew what he had done, they praised him. After this honouring experience, he went back to his gate to serve (Esther 6:11-12). You must know the difference between honour and elevation. Honour is temporary; it comes and soon vanishes. You can’t live in the realm of honour for so long when the Lord has not elevated you yet. That you dine, talk, know and live with great people doesn’t make you great. Don’t act like you are elevated when God is still not done with you at your service stage. Be like Mordecai, go back to the gate!

Finally, Mordecai was elevated to the ruling class in the king’s citadel. This happened after events of information gathering, planning, prayers and fasting. He could have done this alone without going through so much stress but he had his people, the Israelites in mind. He had not reasoned to rule if his people were in shackles. You have no reason to be elevated if the people who your elevation is concerned do not benefit from you. Check the Bible, all those who were elevated were elevated because of a group of people their influence should cater for. Mordecai’s elevated influence was to cater for the Jews (Esther 9:3-4). You want God to elevate you, in your elevation, you will still serve a group of people, and who are they? If you are not able to answer this question specifically, you are not ready yet.

My last words would be that do not neglect people or forget your place of service when the Lord still wants you to go back to the gate. God is not done blessing you. He is going to bless you at your place of service. Will He meet you at the gate? Mordecai had a good social network, he received an honour no one else had but he went back to the gate to serve because he knew it wasn’t time. When the Lord blesses or honours you once, will you be eligible for another? Foretaste of blessings may look like blessings. Discern what the lord wants for you and abide. Don’t rush it, you will crush it!
May the Lord mend our nets!

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