Poisoned; Article Series on Bitterness

Before we begin. Brief on bitterness

I am beginning this series because I’ve had a lot of thoughts about it for so many years. I wish I had turned the concept of bitterness into a book, maybe one day. But for now, I will try to share this with you as briefly as I can make it.

The word bitterness in Greek is pikrós, which means sharp or pointed. From this meaning, you can have an idea of what it does to the heart. It has cost many their friendships, jobs, money, fame, marriages, and even their lives. People who harbour anger are very prone to becoming bitter for every bitterness begins with anger. Someone bitter is constantly angry with bad things another person(s) did to him/her and cannot forget.

One can harbour bitterness against the other for so many years. They can be under the same roof, living normal lives yet, one’s heart is poisoned against the other. I fear bitterness. It turns people into who they are not.

It’s a Serious Illness

Mothers have embittered children against their fathers because of devastating marital issues that couldn’t be resolved. Fathers have done the same for similar reasons. That is how contagious the disease/poison called bitterness can be. Friends have teamed up against each other because they became bitter against one another. That is how united bitter people can become. You can call it Bitterness Association (on a lighter note).

Some people have lost their honour and privileges because they vowed to exact revenge on someone who offended them. They, therefore, lived their whole lives seeking a good opportunity to ‘feel good’ after the revenge. It never happened so they got destroyed.

Luke 17a says “...it is impossible that no offences should come…”. It is up to us to know how to handle them when (not if) they come. If you do not handle them well, you will not be well – that is how you get bitter. That is why I am keen on sharing these truths with you.

My Intention

I will use the story of David, Absalom, and Ahithophel to share valuable lessons on bitterness that I have gathered over the years. I am going to share one of my most cherished lessons in life with you, and I crave your indulgence.

Kindly follow the subsequent posts on this topic. 

May the Lord mend our nets!

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