POISONED 5; The Political Agenda

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Bitter Political Agenda

In 2 Samuel 15:1-6, Absalom set out to win the hearts of the people. He made them believe he was the solution to their legal and civil issues. He assumed the posture of a Prince who cared for the people. Why would he do that? I suspect he wanted to take his father’s throne. Perhaps he felt the king did not exercise good judgement when his sister, Tamar had a problem so he could be a better ruler than his father.

Bitter people do not think highly of those who offended them. They always think those who offended them have nothing good to offer because of what they did against them. That’s what Absalom felt. He did not think highly of his father any longer. In response, he planned to overthrow his father’s rule. If you can relate to this with anyone in your life, you might be bitter. If you do not think highly of someone any longer because he/she offended you some time past, you’re probably close to becoming bitter.

2 Samuel 15:7-11 lets us know that Absalom pursued this political agenda, inspired by bitterness for another four years in Jerusalem. He now came to inform his father of his intentions of going to Hebron to offer sacrifices. Indeed, when he got to Hebron, he offered sacrifices. This shows that bitter people still find a way to worship God. They are with us in our homes and churches; they do with us, all that we do in church and for church. They are not different looking. Looks are indeed deceptive.

Aluta Continua

He had already planned how he’d make his grand announcement as king over David. He had also planned how he’d use innocent people to achieve this.   Let’s beware of the things friends or relatives tell us about others. It may emanate from sheer hatred and bitterness over an offence you’re not involved in. You could be innocently used as a tool for vengeance.

So you see, after offering his sacrifices, Absalom continued to plan evil. That is why Jesus said in Matthew 5:24b that “…first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift”. That is to settle offences between ourselves before coming before Him to worship. To obey is better than to sacrifice; Absalom is probably not on a better path then. We will find out soon.

In our next episode, we will learn about the man who joined Absalom’s team to make the agenda more dangerous.

May the Lord mend our nets!

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