OMNI-STRATEGIST; How God Leads His People


I am not old, but old enough to recognize that to the glory of God, He has been with me throughout my life. Even at points where I prayed casual prayers (not really serious about it) concerning things in my life, the Lord answered them. Some major decisions were taken.

It was not until I gained results from those decisions that I realized the Lord was with it all along. Have you gotten to a point in your life where you exclaimed, “this is what I prayed for!”? That is what the Lord, the One who strategizes everything concerning His green earth does.

He is Omni-potent (all-powerful), Omni-present (present everywhere), I also call Him the Omni-strategist because He has all the required strategies and plans for the life of His children.

Consider Him the map reader of your life’s journey. Because He is an Omni-strategist; He has ways he leads His children through this complex journey of life. These are three of them;

Precepts upon Precepts

“Whom will he teach knowledge? And whom will he make to understand the message… For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, Here a little, there a little.” – Isaiah 28:9-10.

The Lord does not rush in leading His people. Because He wants to teach us how to trust Him in every way, He gradually instructs us in little bits. You may not see the complete picture but the artist of your life has the canvas in front of Him. He leads us based on lines (stages) and precepts (principles).

When you pray for guidance, patiently wait for Him to give you a little instruction here, a little instruction there. Follow accordingly and you’ll realize the beauty of the Omni-strategist’s strategies.

Instruction of Wisdom

“To receive the instruction of wisdom…” – Proverbs 1:3

Wisdom is basically the capacity to make the right choices based on knowledge and information received. However, we do not have all the knowledge and information on what will happen in our lives.

So the Lord comes in to give us the instruction of wisdom. He does this through the Word of God (what He tells you to do and not do). Also, He teaches us the instruction of wisdom when we need Him to help us determine the right way to go in an important decision through prayer.

Therefore, in simple terms, the Lord who has all the knowledge and information for your life gives instruction of wisdom to guide you in your way. I don’t know about you but for me, I will follow the One who has all the knowledge concerning my life to take the right and specific steps as much as possible.

The Inner Witness

“The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God”Romans 8:16.

The inner conviction within you that makes you believe beyond doubt that you are born again, and a child of God is what the Omni-strategist God uses sometimes to guide your way in life.

It is usually the surety you have within you concerning a decision you must take – for example, which way to go, who to call, what to do, etc. It is usually what many refer to as, “something within me is telling me to…”. That ‘something’ is usually the inner witness – the Holy Spirit. If you have trained yourself well in obedience to God’s word and the leading of the Spirit, you’ll always get your convictions (inner witness) right.

The walk with God is the walk of faith. Because He is no man, you need to trust Him beyond human reasoning. It may not make sense sometimes but that’s the beauty of the strategies of the Omni-strategist God – it’s like none other.

He has reasons for each precept, instruction of wisdom, or inner witness He gives. He led the Israelites through the wilderness for 40 years for a reason; imagine giving a very good and fertile land to be managed by a bunch of weak men and women who were born slaves and have been subjected to abuse their whole life. So he needed to first train them in war and how to believe and trust Him.

Everything the Lord does in your life or asks you to do has a reason. Yours is to trust Him and follow. It will make ‘sense’ one day. Train yourself to know and obey the Lord’s leadings. Follow accordingly and you’ll realize the beauty of the Omni-strategist’s strategies.

May the Lord mend our nets!

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