Branches of the Church of Pentecost in the USA

The Church of Pentecost, which emerged from the Apostolic Church and has maintained its adherence to the classical Pentecostals—Pentecostal congregations that date back to the early twentieth century—over the years. With its roots in Ghana, the church has established several branches in the United States of America. Here are the current branches of the Church of Pentecost in the USA listed by the team at mend my net:

  1. Church of Pentecost USA – Headquarters, Columbus, Ohio
  2. Atlanta Area Fellowship, Atlanta, Georgia
  3. Boston District, Boston, Massachusetts
  4. Bronx Fellowship, Bronx, New York
  5. Charlotte District, Charlotte, North Carolina
  6. Chicago Fellowship, Chicago, Illinois
  7. Dallas District, Dallas, Texas
  8. Houston District, Houston, Texas
  9. Maryland District, Maryland
  10. New York District, New York
  11. Philadelphia District, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  12. San Antonio Fellowship, San Antonio, Texas
  13. Seattle Fellowship, Seattle, Washington
  14. Washington DC District, Washington DC

These branches of the COP in the USA are committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, promoting the values of the Church of Pentecost, and providing spiritual and social support to their members. You can join a branch near you.

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