POISONED 7; Ahithophel’s Damaging advice

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Two Damaging Pieces of Advice

In 2 Samuel 16:21, Ahithophel threw his first blow of revenge against David. He advised Absalom to rape his father’s concubines left in the palace. David had left them to take care of the palace while he fled upon hearing of Absalom’s rebellion.

Absalom heeded this advice. He pitched a tent on the roof of the palace and did all that he would do for the public’s witness. There’s no act a son could do to tarnish a father’s reputation and honour as Absalom did through Ahithophel’s counsel. This is the first piece of advice.

We are seeing a team of bitter people on a revenge mission. This act successfully done by Absalom was a prophecy Nathan gave to David in 2 Samuel 12:11 as God’s punishment for setting Uriah up for death and taking his wife.

The second piece of advice in 2 Samuel 17:1-4 was what could have destroyed David’s life and kingdom. Ahithophel asked Absalom to give him men to accompany him to ambush David and strike him when he’s at his weakest moment. I believe this plan would have worked because the king’s advisor would know when the king is likely to be in his weakest moments.

Reflection on Ahithophel’s Mission

Why was he so bent on killing David himself? He had probably been bitter for so long that he could no longer wait to see David alive again. Bitterness is a serious heart disease not diagnosed by the doctor; even the acclaimed wisest man was bitter. It can only be diagnosed by yourself. I am trying to help you examine yourself.

Through all of these dramatic events, I still see the mercy of God on David’s life and kingdom. God was still preserving him even though he had erred.
David should have taken disciplinary action against Amnon when he raped Absalom’s sister, Tamar. But Absalom also had no right to kill Amnon (also David’s son). They were both angry at each other; David forgave Absalom at a point but Absalom remained bitter. Why so?

It seems to me that bitter people, once revenge has consumed their thoughts, fail to see or sense the need to forgive. Forgiveness is the only drug to bitterness after it’s been diagnosed by yourself. It starts with you and ends with you. It always does not end well if you do not take the drugs (forgiveness).

Let’s see the end of this bitter duo in the next (final episode).

May the Lord mend our nets!

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